ELEKTROMONTAŻ RZESZÓW S.A. manufactures EN 40 compliant galvanised lamp posts and masts in the height range of 2.5m to 20m. The products are manufactured to Polish and international standards. The Company has proprietary patents and utility designs for the engineering solutions featured in its lamp posts and masts.

Manufacturing of tubular posts. Tubular posts are made of steel pipes of suitable diameter with the wall thickness between 3mm6mm (as required by structural strength). The posts are monolithic thanks to pipe redrawing (with pitching tube diameter). This eliminates any need for longitudinal or circumferential welding, which results in improved aesthetic finish and continuous strength over the entire product length. The posts are designed for installation on pre-cast concrete foundations or planting in cast-in-place foundations. Our production program also features tubular posts for direct planting in the soil.

Manufacturing of post and mast flange plates. The flange plates for posts and masts installed on pre-cast foundation blocks are made of stamped sheet with suitable ribbing and the fixing point completely concealed in the plate bottom. The flange plate fastening bolts and the hinge are also hidden in the plate bottom, which protects the bolt fasteners from ambient conditions. The bolt inspection holes are sealed with blind caps once the post (mast) has been bolted to the foundation structure. The flange plate design assures high aesthetic finish and compliance with the EN 12767 standard for passive safety of lighting columns. Our solution is protected by the Polish Patent Office. The flange plates for masts installed on monolithic foundations are made of 18mm to 40mm thick sheets with reinforcing ribbing of the mast to foundation interface.

Protective coating. The outer and inner surfaces are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanising, resulting in the galvanic coating thickness as shown in the table. The durability of anti-corrosion protection guarantees maintenance-free operation of our posts and masts from dozen to several dozen years, depending on the ambient air (industrial, urban, coastal or rural). Posts and masts should be paint coated for use in highly aggressive air (i.e. sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and salt). We can coat our posts and masts with paints in any colours on order, including special paint coats: dirt resistant coats, fluorescent coats, photo luminescent coats, chameleon effect coats, and many more. Special coats may extend the life of the products.

Tubular posts for in-soil installation should have the soil contact portion coated with a bituminous compound up to 0.25m minimum above the ground level, according to PN-EN 40-5. Galvanic coating thickness on non-centrifuged parts (EN ISO 1461Table)

Steel thickness, mm
Galvanic coating (on one side)
Local coating thickness (minimum)
Mean coating thickness (minimum)
≥1,5 do <3
45µm (315g/m²)
55µm (385g/m²)
≥3 do <6
55µm (385g/m²)
70µm (485g/m²)
70µm (485g/m²)
85µm (585g/m²)