Elektromontaż Rzeszów S.A. is a producer of aluminium poles with heights from 3 m to 18 m, made of rolled and pressed pipes.

Characteristics of aluminium poles:
Material properties. Our input materials for aluminium alloy columns include AlMg3 and AlMgSI alloys. Physical and chemical properties: low specific gravity: 2.66 kg/dm3 resistant to increased corrosion attack especially in marine/offshore environment polishable and extremely good for formation of anodic oxide coatings good for hot and cold working weldable high fatigue strength at high flexibility

Strength properties of posts. The plastic forming of aluminium for tubular posts gives the strength properties approximate to those of steel posts. Note that the aluminium post weighs approximately 30% of its steel counterpart.

Advantages of aluminium posts and masts.

  • Anti-corrosive properties provide long operating life in all weather conditions and under increased ambient corrosion attack
  • Low post weight facilitates installation and erection safety of tall posts
  • Long life of aesthetic appearance
  • Flexibility of the product significantly improves the safety of collision to vehicle occupants
  • Unlimited recyclability at the end of life with the recycling energy consumption being far lower than manufacturing the raw material. This assures sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection
  • The manufacturing process of aluminium alloy posts and masts at Elektromontaż Rzeszów enables nearly 100% input material consumption without any undue waste

Manufacturing of tubular posts and masts. Tubular posts are made of aluminium pipes of suitable diameter with the wall thickness between 3mm and 10mm (as required by structural strength). The posts are monolithic thanks to pipe redrawing (with pitching tube diameter) or rolling (with continuous taper along the entire post). This eliminates the need for longitudinal or circumferential welding which results in improved aesthetic finish and removes structural weak points on cross welds. The posts are designed for installation on pre-cast concrete foundations or planting in cast-in-place foundations.

Manufacturing of post and mast flange plates. The flange plates for posts and masts installed on pre-cast foundation blocks are made by casting or from stamped sheet with suitable ribbing and the fixing point completely concealed in the plate bottom. The flange plate fastening bolts and the hinge are also hidden in the plate bottom, which protects the bolt fasteners from ambient conditions. The bolt inspection holes are sealed with blind caps once the post (mast) has been bolted to the foundation structure.The flange plate design assures high aesthetic finish and compliance with the EN 12767 standard for passive safety of lighting columns. Our solution is protected by the Polish Patent Office. The high mast flange plates are made as casts with reinforced design of the fixing points.

Enhanced protection. Aluminium alloy columns are highly resistant to weather by chemical preservation of polished surfaces or painting with polyurethane coatings in any RAL colour. Note that we cooperate directly with paint and varnish manufacturers. Hence we can coat our products with special paints on custom order, e.g. dirt resistant coats, fluorescent coats, photo luminescent coats, chameleon effect coats, anodized effect coats, and many more.